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There are so many sports around the world that we play today. There is basketball, tennis, boxing, baseball, hocket, football, and many more. But unless you’re an Asian, you may not have played or heard of cricket yet. However, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world with over 3 billion fans and counting. With Real Cricket 20, you can play the most satisfying and realistic cricket game of all time.

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Cricket is a sport that greatly resembles baseball but it has a lot of differences. Most notably, this sport is most popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In this game from Nautilus Mobile, you will enjoy an authentic Cricket game completely! Here, you can play on Challenge Mode and take part in exciting battles from history! Lastly, you can play against many players worldwide online!

Realistic Cricket Game

There’s a high chance that you know the game baseball and you’ve played it. It’s one of the most popular and major sports worldwide today. But it has a lot of similarities with Cricket which is a popular sport mainly in Asia. Here, the game is played by two opposing teams with 11 players each. The other team will try to bat while the other will try to score. It’s similar to baseball but there are bases in baseball and the bat is different.

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So, if you’re looking for the most realistic Cricket game you can play today, you will enjoy Real Cricket 20. You’ll enjoy the intense action in the Challenge mode where you will get to play in the most popular Cricket matches in history. Finish the chases your way and rewrite history yourself! You’ll get to leave a mark in history as well as you fight with other competent players online. Here, there’s a real-time multiplayer mode where you can fight in different modes.

There’s 1P vs. 1P, 2P vs. 2P, Co-op and spectate. Here, you can play with your friends and enjoy a friendly match!

Real Cricket 20 Highlights

Do you love the game of Cricket? Have the best fun when you play Real Cricket 20 now and experience the best that this sport has to offer.

The Ultimate Cricket Experience – There are a lot of sports that are currently played all around the world. There are approximately 8,000 sports that are played and enjoyed today but only 200 of them have international recognition. One of the most popular out of the bunch is Cricket and it continues to gain fame. If you want to experience the best that this sport can offer, play Real Cricket 20 now. This game is the most realistic simulation of this popular sport!

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Here, you will enjoy the uniforms, players, teams, bats, and the full control! As the scorer, you will get to choose the type of swing, stroke, push and loft of your pitch. You can also select the direction to which you’re going to throw the ball! You will also appreciate the realistic teams, players and the stadiums in this game. Overall, you will not be disappointed as there are real commentaries as well.

Challenge Mode – If you’re a total Cricket geek, then you must know about all of the important and pivotal Cricket matches in history. If you do, then you’ll certainly enjoy this mode where you can be part of the epic battles and finish the chases your way! The game is completely up to you so you can do whatever you want and score endlessly. Complete many highlights or re-create the moves that were part of history. There are so many ways to enjoy this game in this mode.

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Real-Time Multiplayer – If you’re getting bored, how about a match with a real person instead? In Real Cricket 20, you can fight with real players in different modes. There’s the 1P vs. 1P where you can fight against others in Ranked and Unranked teams. Then, you can also team up with your friends and fight others in 2P vs. 2P. You can also team up with friends and challenge AI and get fun action scenes.

Commentary Packs – What makes this game so real are the English and Hindi commentary packs! There are play-by-play commentaries that you’ll enjoy as well as highlights in the game. Plus, you can unlock female commentaries and other combo packs.

Realistic and Innovative Graphics – Enjoy the highlights of the game as well as the realistic graphics. You have full control in the game as well as outside of it!

Download Real Cricket 20 Mod APK – Unlocked Everything, All Unlocked

Play Real Cricket 20 and let out your Cricket skills! Show to the world your control and incredible skills today.

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