SouzaSim Project Mod APK 8.5.4 (Unlimited money) Download 2023

Today, a motorbike is a popular means of transport in some countries. However, the special use of the motorbike that brings a lot of fun to the world is bike racing. If you like to watch motorbike races or want to simply show your bike riding skills, SouzaSim Project developed by OE Games is the game for you!

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In this game, you will be tasked with controlling your motorbike through various racing tracks. You will be excited by the many things you can do in this game including pimping your ride, purchasing the best spare parts, taking the best snaps of your motorbike, and more. Download the game now and let’s take part in thriller races that SouzaSim Project!

Ride and Race with Bikes like Crazy!

SouzaSim Project is one of the loved bike racing games available on the Google Play Store. currently, it has more than 1 million downloads, an indication that more and more gamers are loving it every day. In SouzaSim Project, the players’ primary mission is to drive motorbikes to checkpoints designated in the game. Before you are ready to participate in races, the game provides the Ride mode where you practice.

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In this mode, you will ride your motorbike in the city where the challenge is maneuvering the many cars. If you hit them, the game will end and you will have to start all over again. Besides, you will notice that the bends make the races tougher. After you have mastered how to play the game from the ride mode, the real riding and racing challenges await. Complete every challenge that the game offers and enjoy accumulating the rewards it provides!

Souzasim Project Features

This game comes with an exciting bike racing gameplay. apart from that, you will also enjoy other stunning features.

Customize Your Bike – the fun of the game is that you can customize and upgrade your motorbike. Make your bike stronger and faster with unique Brakes, Gear, and Tires, and any other part that you can upgrade. SouzaSim Project also lets the players modify the color of the motorbike.

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The customization is meant to help you to make unique motorbikes for yourself. Modify the rims, exhaust, headlights, color, and more. You can even lower your motorbike by redesigning the suspension. Almost every part of your bike is customizable. Fit your style by making as many changes as you want!

Various Tracks – in this game, there are 5 different race tracks. there is the City, Mountain Track, Race Track, and two Dirt Tracks. Each track has its own difficulty level. So, you should practice more to overcome every level easily. In addition, the game also gives you two motorbikes t start with that is the Tsuki RM 250 and Yamata CX 135. Every bike comes with its own price and shape. Select the motorbike that excites you best or can buy a new one if you have enough money.

Simple Controls – the publisher provides 3 control ways in SouzaSim Project. That is buttons, gyroscope, and the Joystick. With the buttons, players are able to turn left or right by clicking on the arrow buttons. On the other hand, gyroscope controls let players tilt their smartphone’s screen to control the direction of their bike.

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While using the joystick, you need to hold and move the joystick to steer the motorbike to the left or right. When begging to play, ensure that you set a default button control. However, if you want to change during gameplay, you can click on the settings and select the control you want.

Stunning 3D Graphics – the 3D graphics in this game are very realistic and make the races become more vivid. In this game, the player can drive motorbikes in many different areas from a small city to dirt tracks and even areas covered with snow.

The deep dirt and tarmac physics brings the best possible racing experience while you ride your bike. Courtesy of the clarity of the graphics, you can see wheel tracks or dirt when you stop the motorbike suddenly. Download this game now and enjoy playing in a realistic motorbike racing gameplay.

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Electrifying Sounds – the game comes with an exciting soundtrack that always turns on during the play process. We should mention that the game features 6 soundtracks. For example, there are Heads or Tails, Motosako, Greed, G-Loc, and many more. These tracks will make you feel excited and keen when playing every level of SouzaSim Project. If you want to play a quiet game, you can turn off the sound in the Settings.

Download Souzasim Project Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Download Souzasim Project Mod APK now and earn lots of money that you can use to unlock various bikes and spare parts. Every race you win earns you unlimited money!

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