Mining Inc Mod APK 1.17.0 (Unlimited money) free Download 2023

Do you love earning a lot of money? Does the mining business draw your attention? If yes, then you should download Mining Inc. for Android.

This awesome game is all about starting your mining business and earning a hefty amount of money. Your money mindset will totally get satisfied here.

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Everything you see on-screen is designed in cartoonish 3D graphics format. You’ll definitely love its overall front-end.

There is a strict requirement of at least a medium configuration mobile device if you really want to enjoy it. A low-end phone won’t work at all.

Mine your own business!

In this game, you own a mining business. Just like in real life, you’ll hire staff, best managers, tools, and machinery, etc.

Since there will already be a piece of land available for you to mine, you just have to start digging. Have patience and see what mother Earth has got to give to you.

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Now sell your mined products, and earn money. As you progress, you’ll move to new places and worlds. Isn’t it all interesting already?

More Details to spice up

  • Make sure to keep on upgrading your managers, as better management means more income. But for this, you have to unlock them.
  • Take full advantage of daily chests and rewards that appear in-game time by time.
  • In the beginning, you’ll start with gold mining. But as you progress, you can start to dig for diamonds, rubies, and other rare gemstones. But again, you’ll have to unlock them first.
  • There are certain boosters to make your life easier. Use them to increase your company’s growth speed.
  • Take part in challenging quests. Completing them successfully will open up a lot of locked content for you.

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Adorable cartoonish 3D graphics

The game is basically set in a top view. It’s a first-person point of view game, and you just have to sit back, and see what all happens.

Each and every visual is designed in cartoonish 3D graphics, and that won’t hurt your gaming mood. The color tone here is pretty bright all the time and in high-quality.

Animations here don’t play much important role, but still, all the stuff moves in a swift and smooth manner.

There is no high detailing feature. Every object shows off average detailing, but that can always be ignored.

MOD APK Features

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Note: Although not visible but you have unlimited


If you’re not happy with the original version, then you can always play Mining Inc. MOD APK free download. But make sure you obtain the MOD version copy from trusted sources. Start drilling and become the next mining trillionaire. Download now!

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