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This game does not need an introduction! It is an ‘“old but gold” racing game by Nintendo Co., Ltd, inspired by their console version of the game made in 1992. Notably, this was among the 4 bestselling console games of all time 27 years ago. The game has now been remade for Android devices and has taken the world by storm. Currently, it has over 50 million downloads from Google Play Store.

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Mario Kart is an action game that mainly revolves around fiery races. Here, the racers compete against each other to drive karts and get to the finish line first. The drivers are characters from the previous classic Mario game such as Princess Peach, Luigi, Tyrant Bowser, and Mario among others. Many other familiar faces are featured in this thrilling race. As usual, the race will have a maximum of 7 members. Whoever reaches the finish line first becomes the winner. Download the Mario Kart game now and enjoy incredible gameplay remade from the 90s.

The Ultimate Drifty Kart Race

This colorful 3D game invites players to travel across the globe and compete in kart racing series using the legendary driver Mario. He will be part of the racing game and participate in grand stars side by side against friends. Obviously, it will not be the old good time without favorite characters such as Tyrant Bowser, Luigi, and Princess Peach, among others. All of these amazing characters have made a mega return here!

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Compete against friends in a series of races around the world and win every championship trophy. As much as you will be able to control your character, you will also be able to design your racing kart too. You will race in famous cities in the world including Paris, Tokyo, New York, etc.

During the race, you should overtake opponents, pick up, and use bonuses. Besides, you should also collect precious gold coins that you can use later to unlock unique racing cars, new characters, and other game items. Ensure that you use speed, collect power-ups to defeat your opponents on the track. Download this game on your Android device now and show off your indispensable driving skill.

Mario Kart Tour Features

Mario Kart Tour is a casual racing car game with tons of remarkable features, unique tracks, classic characters, cool racing gameplay, and gives players a perfect feel. Here are some of the most outstanding features that make this drift action game exceptional.

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Exciting and Drifty Racing Gameplay – this game allows a player to race against friends in a multiplayer game mode. It has intriguing gameplay that involves driving karts like crazy to win against opponents. You will participate in a world tour and compete in famous world cities. These destinations will rotate every two weeks! That implies that you will have to play in one tour for one game week before changing to the other. The game features a variety of rules for the multiplayer mode to make the game fair. It will be exciting to be on the classic kart course competing against your friend.

Various Characters – the range of characters in this game make the entire action extremely stimulating. At the beginning of the game, you will have either Toadette or Toad. However, you will soon gain more characters as you continue with the gameplay. You will be able to unlock character chests using gold coins. There are more types of Rare, Super Rare, and common characters.

Common characters include Koopa, Baby Mario, Larry Troopa, and Baby Luigi. On the other hand, rare ones are Luigi, Daisy Wario, Donkey Kong, and Mario while the super rare one includes Metal Mario, King Boo, Rosalina, and Dry Bowser. Note that the choice of character does not affect the race. However, you will notice different abilities in handling the various situations on the tracks.

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Collect And Use Weapons – weapons in a racing game? Yes, but it does not imply guns and grenades. Since this is a kid’s game, the weapons include Tortoiseshell, Growth Mushroom, Lucky Star, Banana Peel, and more funny weapons. They are weapons to derail your opponents from the course while others are to help you perform a number of stunts. For example, the growth mushroom allows you to boost your size many times while banana peels will make opponents slide and collide. Collect all the weapons and cleverly finish races!

Various Game Modes – in this new version of the Mario Kart Tour game, you can choose from several game modes. You don’t always have to participate in a race to become the first one on the leaderboard. Sometimes, you can race to complete a particular objective. For instance, there is a mode that allows you to race and take out Bowser during the race. In another mode, you are required to play and against Goomba. All these modes add more strategic depth to your gaming experience.

Upgrade Your Kart – you can make some adjustments and upgrade different parts of your kart. That includes upgrading the engine, shock absorbers, jet, tires, etc. There is a store with all the accessories that you may be to upgrade and customize your kart. Make sure that you collect all the gold coins there are so that you will make these upgrades without making a real investment.

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Epic Graphics – the beautifully designed graphics herein give a perfect first impression of Mario Kart Tour. The graphics are fully optimized for mobile and thus every action in the game is smooth. Of course, there are noticeable clarity changes as compared to the console version of the game. With the stunning graphics, be sure to get emotions from the remade racing game that is 27 years old!

Download Mario Kart Tour Mod APK – Unlimited Rubies, Money & Gems

Download Mario Kart Tour Mod APK and defeat all your friends and other racers from all over the world in kart racing. Collect and enjoy unlimited money, rubies, and gems.

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